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Welcome to Cine Falaz!

Cine Falaz lovingly welcomes all productions that fight to be recognized in their rebellion against the norm. We blur the boundaries between what is real and what is fictional. Let's be creative, let's break the rules!

Cinema is an art that thrives on the diversity and originality of its creators. At Cine Falaz, we value all those productions that dare to be different and question established structures. Our goal is to offer a platform for filmmakers looking to break with convention and experiment with new ways of telling stories.


If you are one of them, we invite you to join our community!

Together, we can build a more inclusive, creative and diverse cinema.



Fallacious Cinema

Calls on amateur/professional filmmakers, students, communicators, visual artists and lovers of cinematographic work who have an audiovisual project and who are interested in promoting and disseminating their work in different cities around the world, to participate in "Cine Falaz - Festival Mockumentary International" in its 2024 edition.

Our main objective is to house those productions that do not find their place, as they are neither totally fiction nor totally documentary. Generate a space in which they are seen, promoted, reflected and talked about. 



We offer...

The projects that make up the official 2024 selection will be eligible for the following benefits.


  • ​Exhibition tour throughout different cities around the world, in independent theaters, film clubs, cinematheques, universities, alternative spaces in person and online. 

  • Dialogue and feedback with the public.

  • Online interviews

  • Statistical and visual summary of project functions. Which includes information on attendance, photographs and public comments. 

  • Official recognition 

  • Prize in kind (To be defined)

They participate

Cinematographic works classified as "False Documentary"

Regardless of the technique or the theme

  • Short films / 05-50 min

  • Feature films / 60-120 min



  • To be considered, films must register through the registration form available on this page.

  • Entries must be accompanied by digital viewing copies with Spanish subtitles
    (If this is not your official language. 

  • The call will be open fromFebruary 5 to April 30, 2024, with a registration cost of 10 Dollars



  • Cine Falaz is authorized to exhibit, program, distribute and promote the cinematographic work in each of its headquarters throughout the world.

  • As a recovery, the venues will have cafeteria and snack services  and/or voluntary cooperation/Fixed box office for the payment of operating expenses.

  • If applicable, projects that are in a language other than Spanish must have subtitles.  If you need an extension to make the subtitles, please send an email

  • Once the exhibition is over, Cine Falaz undertakes to provide you with a certificate of participation. As well as the complete report of the projections of his work. 

  • If you are interested, Cine Falaz offers the possibility of having you participate in our screenings as a live broadcast, through social networks and the website, giving you the opportunity to interact with the audience of your work. 

  • There is no registration limit for the number of works registered per director.

  • Cine Falaz is authorized to make partial use of the audiovisual material granted, to promote and disseminate the exhibition. 

  • Once selected, projects cannot be removed from the sample.



The evaluation criteria for the official selection of the sample will be the following: 

  • Originality 

  • Technique

  • Quality

  • Speech



The following categories will be awarded:

  • Best screenplay

  • Best address

  • Best production

  • best performance

  • Best photography

  •  Better Sound

  • Best Assembly

  • Best Poster

  • Best production design


  1. Jury Prize

  2. Audience Award

The audiovisual projects will be evaluated by the organizing committee and an invited jury.

The Cine Falaz team will contact you by email to inform you of the programming, venues and times if selected. 

The call will remain open for the reception of projects:

FEBRUARY 05, 2024 - APRIL 30, 2024

We will announce the official selection through email and social networks:

JULY 15, 2024

The festival will take place 

September 9 to 20, 2024

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